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Useful Idiots

1 Nov

Gary Dale's Blog

The phrase purportedly is attributed to Lenin to describe sympathizers who knew little of the reality of what they were endorsing. It is still in use today to describe people enrolled in promoting causes that work against their own ideals. One example would be Tommy Douglas’s mice in mouseland who would campaign for their particular favoured colour of cat instead of for mice.

It sprang to mind today when I was staffing a table at YIMBY event for Fair Vote Canada that was right next to the RaBiT table. As was typical of RaBiT supporters, their table was staffed by young people, mostly women, who had bought into the RaBiT line that the system they were promoting was a significant improvement for Toronto’s elections.

There is of course a reason why RaBiT supporters are mostly young people. They are old enough to know that there is something wrong but not…

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