Alternative Vote aka “preferential ballot” or IRV

4 Oct


Why Fair Vote Canada does not support “Alternative Vote”
~ “preferential ballot” in single member ridings,
also known as “IRV­” (Instant Run­Off Voting)

guest post by Anita Nickerson, Fair Vote Canada

Canadian Flag

There are two major “families” of voting systems in the world:­ winner-­take-­all and Proportional Representation (PR).   What we call “winner-­take-­all” is called “majoritiarian/plurality” by political scientists.

Alternative Vote (AV) is a close cousin of First Past the Post in the winner­-take-­all family.  It is a ranked (preferential) ballot system in single member ridings, and that is the system we currently use in Canada.

If a candidate has 50% of the vote, he/she is elected — and the other 49%  — or whatever percentage chose someone other than the “winner” — are wasted.

If no candidate has 50%, the candidate with the lowest percentage is dropped, and the second choices of voters for the least popular candidate are…

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