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Net Neutrality, Monopoly, and the Death of the Democratic Internet | Motherboard

20 Jul

Perhaps most damaging of all, network operators would have a powerful incentive to continue to under-invest in infrastructure. Capacity constraints on their network would be transformed into profit opportunities. They would be allowed to charge for preferential access to a resource they could manage to ensure remained artificially scarce.

via Net Neutrality, Monopoly, and the Death of the Democratic Internet | Motherboard.

United Action Needed to Counter Obama Administration’s Latest Escalation in Iraq

3 Jul

The Labor Fightback Blog

The Labor Fightback Network posted earlier today the statement unanimously adopted by the U.S. Labor Against the War Steering Committee opposing U.S. intervention in Iraq. We strongly urge that the statement be circulated as widely as possible and appropriate action taken to implement it.

In light of Obama’s latest escalation—more than doubling the number of U.S. troops in Iraq—the need for opponents of intervention to hit the streets in large numbers is clearer than ever. We urge a Call by a united peace movement for regional demonstrations in Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Boston and perhaps other cities to take place on an agreed-to date in the near future.

Last year a groundswell of opposition to Obama’s plan to bomb Syria was so powerful and widespread as to cause the administration to pull back at the last moment. That experience underscored the latent power of the peace…

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