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Sock Loom Knit Mittens

16 Aug

I’ll have to try this …




Sock loom
Knitting tool
Tapestry needle
Row counter ( I put this on one of the empty pegs of the sock loom)

I just learned how to use looms in the last couple of months. I’m having a blast making socks!

The knitting board sock loom is really a neat tool. In the last few months I have collected so much sock yarn that I wanted to do something else with the loom. The one loom mitten patterns that I have found have been for the larger peg looms and I felt were a bit bulky for what I would want a pair of mittens for. So here is a pattern I worked up for the sock loom.

Using the Knitting board wrap 40 pegs. This pattern is in the round and all measurements can be adjusted up or down to get a better fit.

This is my…

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We must stop these crazed half naked psychopaths from feeding their children in front of other people!

11 Aug

We must stop these crazed half naked psychopaths from feeding their children in front of other people!.

A Final Note on U.S. GDP Revisions

2 Aug

Critical thinking bout the economy …

Jack Rasmus

On Wednesday, July 31, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, undertook a major revision of GDP statistics. The result was a major upward revision of GDP numbers for the 2nd quarter and for 2012. While the BEA revises numbers and its methods every five years, this time the revisions were extraordinary and particularly significant.

GDP for 2012, as I pointed out in my prior article, ‘Economic Recovery by Statistical Manipulation’, was raised by almost 33% as a result of the BEA revisions–from the 2.1% annual growth to 2.8%. Moreover, the consensus forecasts by economists for the recent 2nd quarter 2013, which averaged 0.9% according to the Reuters survey, came in at nearly twice that, at 1.7%, due to the revisions. This is not a normal upward revision, most of which made in previous years by the BEA had very little effect on GDP numbers.

Changes made by the BEA to the…

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